Day 0

My reasons for taking part in the #100DaysOfCode Challenge and my goals for the next 100 days.

I’ve spent the last few hours getting my GitHub 100 Days of Code repository and this website up-to-date, so I am ready to start my #100DaysofCode from tomorrow (Monday 11th March 2019).

I hope that taking part in this challenge will help to keep me focused and keep my momentum going as my Apprenticeship comes to an end, help me to improve my coding skills and to give me accountability. I keep a log in my journal of my progress, but no one else sees this!

I have found it hard since I started the Apprenticeship to find time each day to code as I have competing priorities that are all critical to the success of the business. I work full-time as Digital Marketing Manager with a team of me, with support from freelancers for graphic design and proof-reading. A large part of my role includes maintaining Happy’s existing website, creating and writing new sections of the website and keeping everything up-to-date, but as the website is built in WordPress, most of the coding I do is part of the 20% of my off-the-job training (personal study).

Over the last couple of weeks I have been working through the Responsive Web Design Certification in FreeCodeCamp.

My goals over the next 100 days:

  1. Complete the Responsive Web Design Certification in FreeCodeCamp
  2. Re-do the JavaScript training courses in Treehouse to refresh my knowledge
  3. JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification in FreeCodeCamp
  4. Work on my personal website,, and create a custom theme for it
  5. Complete a book download page using HTML, CSS and JavaScript (and email marketing software API) for my Apprenticeship evidence

I will include screenshots, links, GitHub snippets and CodePen extracts where appropriate, too, so you can follow along.

Wish me luck!

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