Day 13

Updated the video and added and styled the pricing table!

Continuing with my Product Landing Page project – almost finished!

So I was hoping to finish this today, but I haven’t been able to – it was quite slow going today.

You can view my progress and my code on CodePen here. The original page that I need to replicate as part of the challenge isĀ here.

What I have done:

  • Centered the video and added styling – I still want to add a media query to the video for smaller screens
  • The pricing table!

What I have learned

  • The hardest part was doing the border around each individual box. I ended up making a class for each box, and adding a border to that instead of just to the table generally.

I also want to fix an issue with the header that I had trouble with before but is still there – when I click on ‘how it works’, for example, part of it is obscured because it is sitting behind the heading. I also need to do the footer obviously, as at the moment this is just holding text – I hope it will be fairly straight-forward though!

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