Day 4

Finished the CSS Flexbox Challenges on FreeCodeCamp.

I had Sunday 17th March as a day of rest, as I worked 50hrs last week and was feeling a bit exhausted, and yesterday I did 12hrs and just didn’t get time for anything else. I did manage to do 1.5hrs this evening though, finishing off the CSS Flexbox Challenges on FreeCodeCamp.

Tomorrow, I will work on the CSS Grid (I have almost finished Responsive Web Design Certification!).

New things I’ve learned:

  • align-items and justify-content – good refresher on these from the courses I’ve done on Treehouse
  • I also learned the flex properties – I don’t remember these being covered in the Treehouse CSS courses that I have done previously.
    • flex-wrap: this tells CSS to wrap items. Extra items move into a new row or column.
    • flex-shrink: this allows an item to shrink if the flex container is too small
    • flow-grow: this controls the size of items when the parent container expands
    • flex-basis: specifies the initial size of the item before CSS makes adjustments with flex-shrink or flex-grow, measured in px, em %. This auto-sizes items based on the content.
    • The flex-grow, flex-shrink, and flex-basis properties can all be set together by using the flex property.

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