Day 5

Dr Norman Borlaug Tribute page

Completed CSS Grid and completed the Build a Tribute Page challenge on FreeCodeCamp.

I don’t feel like I’ve been doing too well with coding this week (and I am only five days into the challenge!). Happy had an Open Day on Thursday which I planned and organised, and so I spent a lot of this week working on that (meeting with the team, helping to pack goody bags, creating evaluation forms for the sessions, etc). I then spent yesterday relaxing as a reward for organising a successful event (as it’s not often I take time to reflect on my achievements!). But, now that is complete, I am back on the 100 Days of Code challenge.

New things I have learned:

  • I had not covered the CSS Grid in Treehouse, so all of this section was completely new! I enjoyed doing it though, and also copied some of the code into my Codepen so that I could play around with the different elements and see how it changed the code, which I found really helpful as a way to see exactly what happened each time I changed a value.
  • I also (very excitingly!) did the first Responsive Web Design Project in FreeCodeCamp – creating a Tribute Page to Dr. Norman Borlaug. I created this in CodePen (as this was recommended by FreeCodeCamp, and has the code to create the testing app to make sure it meets the brief).
    • This is probably the first time I have ever created a page from scratch. I found this quite hard at first and panicked a bit (“I don’t remember anything!”) but I started with entering in the basic HTML of the page content, then added in the div-id‘s that were required for the challenge, then added the styling. I did look up certain elements from previous FreeCodeCamp lessons but overall I was able to do this on my own, just going through each step logically. It has passed all of the required elements for the certification and I am really pleased with how it turned out!

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