Day 7

The form now has a white background, and a two column layout!

Carrying on with the Survey Form project on FreeCodeCamp – and learning about divs.

You can view my code so far onĀ CodePen!

I did a bit more work on this project today – I was getting a bit frustrated at the spacing around the form elements last night, and so asked a friend who is a UX Developer for help. He explained about using div to me, something that I had known about but hadn’t really quite ‘got’. His explanation was really helpful, and adding in extra div elements and seeing the difference they made really made this ‘click’. I feel like this was something I had used and heard about from FreeCodeCamp and Treehouse courses, but didn’t fully understand the purpose of until now.

I added these in today as well as added in his suggestion of using <div class="row"> on each form element, and <div class="col col-left"> for the form labels and <div class="col col-right"> for each of the form boxes into the HTML. It’s looking much better and a lot closer to the original example now!

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